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The All Veterans Honor Guard provides final military honors for Veterans and Military Retirees (if the military can't or won't provide a full military honor Guard). At this time, military honors are provided at Ft Logan National Cemetery only. We will respond to each request within 24 hours. lf you have any issues with this form or prefer to speak with someone you may contact us at 303-523-0533 or 303-589-7088. Please don't submit a duplicate request. This service is free how donations are gratefully accepted
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(lf Yes please tell Clergy that due to time limitations the Honor Guard will go first)
Note: Assuming the service starts at the scheduled time there should be time for additional comments or prayers. This service is free however donations are gratefully accepted. Click here to go to donation page.
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Once the record is accepted and email will be sent to the requester (at email address provided).

A database needs to be set up to send funeral schedule to each team by date and time. At this time each team has a specific day that they provide this service it is possible that more than one team may be needed for a specific day. ln order to generate a report we need to be able to pull the date by the times of the service also.

At this time, whom ever is managing this data will need to manually compare this record to the data in the VA database to ensure that the name, date and time match. It would be ideal to have an automated process but I don't see VA ever allowing us to do that.

Once the record is accepted ONLY personel with access to this system will be allowed to change or delete a record.

A new record will be stored in the database that shows who made the change or deletion.

On occasion the record will need to be added by a member of the AVHG. He/she will be responsible for the accuracy of the data.

The designer of this page wlll be responsible for building safeguards to ensure that the data is not spam. The user of this system, by comparing the data to the VA database, will be the second level of security to ensure validity.